Canyon Ranch Spa onboard Celebrity Constellation

Persian Garden

Celebrity Constellation’s Persian Garden is the perfect place to relax before your treatment. It is based on a belief dating back thousands of years that moving water and changing temperatures are beneficial for the body. This peaceful oasis features a range of refreshing aquatic experiences, from billows of aromatic stream to tropical showers. If you’re one of the AquaClass guests, you’ll receive complimentary access to the Persian Garden.

Body Treatments

Your body works hard, so take some time out to treat it during your Celebrity cruise. Their body treatments are designed to restore, revive and uplift. If you’re looking for a refreshing cleanse, try the Detoxifying Ritual, which is based on the practices of a traditional hammam bathhouse. Moroccan mint tea, coffee, olive stones and lemons detoxify the skin, making this treatment immersive and multi-sensory. Clay is used to draw out imperfections, and you will then receive a soothing massage.

Canyon Ranch Aesthetics

Canyon Ranch Aesthetics offers a range of non-invasive, non-surgical facial treatments to have you looking and feeling your best. All procedures are performed by a trained physician, and use only the finest skin care products and gold-standard procedures to smooth out wrinkles and lift the skin. As well as an initial assessment, you’ll also receive pre- and post-treatment care. Try the Vitamin Infusion Facial, which helps to combat signs of environmental damage.

Canyon Ranch Healthy Feet

Our feet work hard for us daily, and we don’t often pay them enough attention. If your feet need a little TLC, then consider one of the Healthy Feet treatments, which have been specially designed to soothe and revitalise tired feet. We love the Foot Rescue, which begins with a herbal salts bath to refresh your feet. Our experienced and friendly technician will then get to work on the “3 C’s”, calluses, corns and cracked dry skin.

Gym & Fitness

As well as the complimentary onboard gym, there are a number of fitness and health services on offer at the Canyon Ranch Spa Club, which are second to none. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and reach your fitness goals during workshops and presentations. Go for a personal training session, find your zen in a yoga class or find out more about your body with a basic fitness assessment.

Why not try the Bodystat Body Composition Analysis – this non-invasive analysis will provide you with an overall idea of your hydration level and body makeup, and your fat, muscle and bone percentages. A fitness professional will then provide you with a personalised prescription for both cardio and strength training.

Skin Care

Relaxation and the sun on your face will do wonders for your complexion. Boost the effects with a high-quality and relaxing facial at Canyon Ranch Spa.

To give your complexion a youthful glow, try the Ageless Oxygen Boost Facial. Lines, wrinkles, discolouration and reduced elasticity are targeted by medical-grade Bioactives and Bio Suisse extracts. If you suffer from oily skin on your back, try our Cleanse and Polish Back Treatment.