Tips for a solo passenger

Looking to travel the world alone? Why not try a cruise! Sail Unique have exclusive prices for solo/single passengers.

Be yourself!

Meeting new people can be hard, but always be yourself. You’re going to find so many like minded people on one of our cruise packages! They’ll be ‘Friends of Dorothy’ or LGBTQ+ groups on board, so check your daily programme and head down.

Try new things

Travelling alone can be difficult, but you’ve always got to be open minded and try new things, and with so many dining options on board, why not try some new local delicacies.

Say hi!

Don’t be afraid to say hello to people! They’ll be groups on board your ship for solo passengers, so that’s your perfect chance to meet new people. You never know, you might your best friend or the love of your life…

Explore the world

Always wanted to go to Asia but perhaps your ex never wanted too? Now’s your chance! You can explore the whole world by ship, so why wait?

Enjoy the quiet

Perhaps you don’t want to meet new people and be social, that’s ok too! Grab a good book, head to the pool deck and relax.

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