Top 5 reasons to cruise:

Looking to cruise for the first time? Read our top 5 tips of reasons why you’ll never have a traditional holiday again…


Nothing beats a cruising holiday if you want to save money! With most cruise packages you’ll have the chance to visit multiple countries! With most resort holidays, you only have one dining option. With cruising, you have the chance to visit multiple dining restaurants, all which are included in your package!


With thousands of ports available across all seven continents, you’ll always find a new place to visit! Whilst on board, there’s something happening every single day! From LGBTQ+ group meets, to Pricilla Queen of the Desert onboard NCL Epic. You’re really spoilt for choice.


Travelling in comfort is compulsory! Imagine visiting multiple countries without carrying around your luggage. With cruising, you’ll only ever need to unpack once! Enjoy maximum relaxation time whilst on your way to the next port of call.

New Experiences:

Waking up in a new port is as thrilling as waking up on Christmas Day. That little buzz of walking down the stairs to see what Santa has brought you – well it’s the same for cruising, except it’s the captain (and your travel agent) who you should be thanking. With every port a unique experience awaits.


The choice is yours. No matter where in the world you want to go. Sail Unique can get you there. We can tailor make any dream cruising holiday you wish.

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